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‘These Boots were made for Walking’: What Women Wore to Walk
‘These Boots were made for Walking’: What Women Wore to Walk
July 29, 2020
This post, written by Naomi Walker, originally appeared on the blog Textile Stories: The Fabric of Everyday Life, and we thank them for allowing us to repost it here. Women’s clothing ha
Walking in Confinement: Dorothy Wordsworth’s habits for irregular times
March 27, 2020
This past week has been a lesson for all of us in how to survive in enclosed spaces. The quietness of the world without as many cars, trains, or people seems at moments to be very loud – bu
Serious Work: Harriet Martineau
March 23, 2020
Harriet Martineau is not as well-known today as she deserves to be. Born in Norwich in 1802, she has been recognised as Britain's first female sociologist, and she published widely acro...
One Woman Farming in the Hills
February 21, 2020
Andrea Meanwell with her upland herd. Photo: Bill Robertson. For me as a hill farmer, being in the hills is not an ‘escape’ or ‘a chance to breathe’, it is my everyday life. I’m lucky to
‘What does it mean to be a woman outside?’
February 3, 2020
To begin the Women In The Hills blog, the network's three directors - Rachel Hewitt, Kerri Andrews, and Jo Taylor - all consider the question of what does it mean to be a woman outside. ...
Women in the Hills Network Launches
February 2, 2020
Press Release: Women in the Hills New network launches to rewrite what we know about the roles and experiences of women in the hills, and to identify barriers past and present, to im...

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