Women’s Bodies Workshop

One-day Network Workshop: Women’s Bodies

Friday 18 September 2020

Where: Newcastle University

Booking details: coming soon

Brief description:

The Women In The Hills network’s discussions and explorations of women’s experiences of running, hiking and climbing in UK hills will be structured around three focal categories, each the subject of a one-day workshop: (a) women’s bodies, (b) women’s social circumstances, and (c) woman as recipients and makers of decisions about land. These three categories will provide a framework for investigating how sex (physiology) and gendered social structures might intersect with social class, ethnicity, dis/ability and impairment, sexuality, gender identity, and religion, to shape women’s experiences and representations of land use.

This first workshop will draw on the expertise of project partners Pelvic Roar and Girls on Hills trail running, and bring together athletes, physiotherapists, activists, and historians and designers of clothing, among others, to investigate how female physiology – and the social treatment of that physiology, via medical care and clothing (for example) – shapes women’s engagements with upland territories during the activities of walking, climbing and running.